Clash of Tennants

In the game of properties, some played fair, while others, like the Leasebreakers, played by their own twisted rules. James and Ceri Leasebreaker were the kind of tenants landlords whispered about in hushed, horrified tones at the local coffee shops. They had a notorious reputation for leaving rental properties in shambles and skirting the edges …

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The Home Inspection

An interesting thing about Earth, I’ve learned, is that it has a gravity pull stronger than what we were used to. I am Solara Draz, the explosives specialist among the Handalorians, a conclave of galactic warriors adapting to a new world. We set foot in a potential sanctuary,  following the guidance of our buyer’s agent. …

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Conveyancing Part Two

It was a momentous occasion for James, a young professional who had been saving diligently for years to buy his first property. After months of searching, he finally found a cozy apartment in Carnegie, a vibrant suburb known for its leafy streets and excellent schools. Eager to make his dream of homeownership a reality, James …

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The Home Helm

After a long search filled with unexpected humour and occasional mishaps, we Handalorians finally found our dream home in Melbourne. It was spacious, with reinforced walls perfect for our training and a generous backyard for our Blurrgs. As Bracca, the youngest among us and the most enthusiastic about adopting Earth’s culture, stood in front of …

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