The Home Helm

After a long search filled with unexpected humour and occasional mishaps, we Handalorians finally found our dream home in Melbourne. It was spacious, with reinforced walls perfect for our training and a generous backyard for our Blurrgs. As Bracca, the youngest among us and the most enthusiastic about adopting Earth’s culture, stood in front of our future home, she couldn’t help but express her joy in her own unique way.

Clad in her Handalorian armour, she accessorised her helmet with an oven mitt she had found in the kitchen. Bracca, who had somehow found joy in Earth’s peculiar items, thought it was the perfect Earthly addition to her Handalorian helmet. The oven mitt stuck out like a sore thumb, but she wore it with such endearing pride that it was impossible for us not to share in her joy.

Our excitement was palpable, but we also knew we had a significant hurdle ahead: the negotiation. With our trusty buyer’s advocate for Sandringham locals at our side, we prepared for the final step in securing our new home. Despite the unusual sight of Bracca with her oven-mitt-adorned helmet, our buyer’s agent was an expert in focusing on the task at hand and guiding us through the negotiation process.

With the house being perfect in our eyes, it was time to face the negotiation table. Not understanding the Earthly custom of haggling over property prices, we were apprehensive. The world of Earthly real estate was a challenging field, a battle in itself, and we were on unfamiliar ground. 

After a tense period of back-and-forth negotiations, our advocate finally came to us with good news. We had secured the house. Relief and happiness washed over us. Our search, led by our diligent buyer’s advocate, Kew property being their expertise area, had come to a fruitful conclusion.

As we stood in our new home, Bracca with her oven mitt still on her helmet, we couldn’t help but feel grateful. This was our new start. This was our new home. Our journey had been filled with humour and learning, and as we looked towards our future, we knew there was so much more to come.

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