The Home Inspection

An interesting thing about Earth, I’ve learned, is that it has a gravity pull stronger than what we were used to. I am Solara Draz, the explosives specialist among the Handalorians, a conclave of galactic warriors adapting to a new world. We set foot in a potential sanctuary,  following the guidance of our buyer’s agent. Hampton property seemed promising, and we hoped that this particular dwelling could become our new home.

The dwelling was spacious and fortified, at least by human standards. As we ventured inside, our eyes were shielded by our helmets, but our thoughts were filled with an anticipation that our human buyer’s agent found difficult to comprehend.

As we were inspecting the rooms, I couldn’t help but question the structural strength of these earthly dwellings. My Handalorian instincts took over, and before I knew it, I was aiming my wrist rocket at a wall to test its durability. An unintended consequence of our new environment was the unexpected power behind the rocket, propelled further by Earth’s gravity. The sound of the rocket crashing into the wall echoed throughout the building, the silence that followed seemed to last for an eternity.

The buyer’s agent based in Armadale, our advocate during these house-hunting escapades, stood frozen in shock. The smouldering hole in the wall was a stark contrast to the otherwise pristine surroundings. Earthly houses, it seemed, weren’t made to withstand wrist rockets.

Apologies were exchanged, the confusion and alarm on the faces of our agent and the homeowner were replaced by bemusement and, surprisingly, understanding. Handalorians might be new to this world, but our resilience and adaptability were not lost on the inhabitants of Melbourne.

Despite the mishap, we returned to our temporary dwelling with a newfound respect for Earth’s architecture and a promising lead on a future home. The house in Hampton, though a little worse for wear, was a contender. The incident had created a bond between us, the house, and the people of Melbourne, a connection that, in a way, felt like home.

It was another lesson learned in our quest to adapt to Earth’s customs, a challenging, amusing, and humbling experience that reminded us why we were there. In search of a home, we found more than just a dwelling; we found a community.

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