Heating and Cooling

Mega Cooling Factory

By the time Marlowe Mismatch reached the steps of “Frosty Fred’s Freeze Factory”, he felt like a wandering sun. The past few days had transformed the streets of Melbourne into a real-life version of ‘The Floor is Lava’, with Marlowe at the epicentre. But Frosty Fred’s was no ordinary establishment. Housed in a seemingly chilly …

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A Chilling Pattern

The Malvern gallery was next on my list, an old refurbished mansion dripping in class and character. As I walked its grand halls, I could feel the history seeping through the cool, air-conditioned rooms. The people here were tight-lipped, their precious works stolen and a thief on the loose. It was up to me to …

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Capital Chill

Another year in uni and another unpredictable turn of events. As Canberra’s notoriously brutal winter started to set in, we found ourselves once again at the mercy of the elements. Our beloved sanctuary from the summer heat, the Cool Castle, proved just as inept at keeping the winter chills at bay. Canberra had more than …

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Cool Vendetta

In the tranquil neighbourhood where John Coolman resided, the news of ‘The Cool Avenger’ spread like wildfire. John became an overnight local hero, with residents lauding him for standing up against mischief. However, his actions also caught the attention of a notorious character, Mr Summersbane, the CEO of an anti-air conditioning lobby. For years, he …

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