Cool Vendetta

In the tranquil neighbourhood where John Coolman resided, the news of ‘The Cool Avenger’ spread like wildfire. John became an overnight local hero, with residents lauding him for standing up against mischief.

However, his actions also caught the attention of a notorious character, Mr Summersbane, the CEO of an anti-air conditioning lobby. For years, he had lobbied against technicians for air conditioning repairs near Canberra, claiming that the people should simply endure the harsh summers as their ancestors had. 

One thing that had always confused John about the air conditioning lobbyists was that they didn’t seem to have an issue with heating services. Install an air conditioner, and they’d come to rip it out, but find a business for ducted heating repairs in Canberra and its harsh winters, and they’d turn a blind eye.

Mr Summersbane, with a long-standing grudge against John for past conflicts, decided it was time for revenge. He dispatched his henchmen with orders to sabotage all the air conditioners in John’s neighbourhood.

John, vigilant as ever, soon noticed the henchmen’s suspicious activities. Employing his high-tech gadgets, he engaged in an epic duel against them. With ice shooters, cool blasts, and rapid fans, he managed to incapacitate the henchmen.

Determined to expose Summersbane, John sneaked into the CEO’s office in the middle of the night. To his astonishment, he discovered Summersbane’s office was cooled to perfection by a high-end air conditioner! With photographic evidence in hand, John decided to give the CEO a taste of his own medicine and sabotaged the air conditioner.

The next day, John, as ‘The Cool Avenger,’ held a press conference revealing the hypocrisy of Summersbane, who was advocating against air conditioning while enjoying the comfort of it. The photographic evidence went viral.

Summersbane’s reputation plummeted, and the neighbourhood rallied behind ‘The Cool Avenger.’ John Coolman, with his cool head and cooler gadgets, had not only saved the neighbourhood but also exposed the hypocrisy of a man willing to let others sweat while he remained cool.

John decided that his days as ‘The Cool Avenger’ were far from over. He vowed to continue protecting the sanctity of cool air and uphold the right for all to enjoy the refreshing breeze of air conditioning.

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