Capital Chill

Another year in uni and another unpredictable turn of events. As Canberra’s notoriously brutal winter started to set in, we found ourselves once again at the mercy of the elements. Our beloved sanctuary from the summer heat, the Cool Castle, proved just as inept at keeping the winter chills at bay. Canberra had more than one trick up its sleeve, and we, the unsuspecting students, were learning our lessons the hard way.

The arrival of winter brought a complete reversal of our previous circumstances. Gone were the days of sweltering heat and makeshift coolers, replaced by icy winds and an insidious cold that seeped into every corner of our home. The once-beloved tiled floors now felt like a bed of ice, and the house that once echoed with laughter was now filled with the chattering of teeth.

Our solutions for the cold, much like our previous attempts at cooling, were amusingly futile. Blanket forts turned into frostbite territory, hot water bottles became our closest allies, and the fireplace (more of a decorative piece really), was eyed with desperate hope. But it quickly became apparent that a more permanent solution was needed.

Remembering the comfort that the summer installation had brought, we decided to dig into our savings and turn once again to professional help. We reached out to a company aptly named “Heating Services & Repairs Canberra“. They were known for their efficient services and reliability.

In no time, they installed a robust heating system that immediately transformed our cold student house into a warm sanctuary. It made me realise how important it is to have a reliable company like them that can offer both air conditioning and ducted heating repairs close to Canberra.

I now sit under the warm air from the heater, Astrophysics textbook in hand, and can’t help but appreciate the comfort. Just a few months ago, it was cooling we needed, and now heating. This drastic switch made us realise that enduring the fire of the sun or the cold of the cosmos was not the toughest part, but surviving the lack of heating or cooling in a student house in Canberra was a real challenge.

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