Magical Bathtub Conversion

“Look, Grandpa,” Freida said, her voice filled with determination. She pointed at a screen showing various bathtub modifications. “These could make your baths safer and more comfortable.” Graydalf, hunched over his staff, peered at the screen with a sceptic’s gaze. “These modifications… they do not match the majesty of my current bath.” Sam, ever the …

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Bathroom Memo 001

Transcript of voice memo, dated 24th April 2024: Sometimes the world beyond these fortified walls feels like a fading dream, an echo of a past life. It’s been weeks since I decided to turn my bathroom into a stronghold. I find myself spending more and more time there, hiding from the impending apocalypse. It’s become …

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Battling Tub Myths

Bertie Bubbles, armed with newfound knowledge and first-hand experience, was now ready for his next mission. Having experienced a significant improvement in his quality of life, he decided to approach the local retirement community. He aimed to convince them of the benefits of bathtub modifications and promote the concept of bathtub safety solutions for the …

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Muddy Bathroom Renovations

As the colder weather arrives, it also marks the start of football training for my son. His passion for the sport is evident, but the constant issue of muddy tracks inside the house after each training session has made it a challenge to keep the floors clean, especially with unexpected guests dropping by occasionally. I’ve …

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