Bathroom Memo 001

Transcript of voice memo, dated 24th April 2024:

Sometimes the world beyond these fortified walls feels like a fading dream, an echo of a past life. It’s been weeks since I decided to turn my bathroom into a stronghold. I find myself spending more and more time there, hiding from the impending apocalypse. It’s become my sanctuary within this sanctuary, a fortress within my fortress. A retreat, a meditation spot, a haven from the unseen threats of the outside world.

To bring this vision to life, I’ve enlisted the help of a company for professional bathroom and laundry renovations near Melbourne. A challenge as unconventional as a luxury bathroom that doubles as a panic room doesn’t faze them. Their resolve, much like the fortress they are helping me build, is unwavering. I would expect nothing less of a team of elite craftsmen from a top-tier bathroom renovation company

As the days pass, I watch them transform the space. Each marble tile laid, every gleaming gold tap installed, serves a dual purpose – aesthetic and defensive. Behind each elegant fixture, steel reinforcement and innovative security measures take shape, seamlessly blending opulence with functionality.

As this fortified sanctuary comes to life, I feel a strange sense of calm. It’s as though my so-called paranoia, my fear of the end times, has been channelled into something tangible. My bathroom, my stronghold. My home, my fortress.

Yet, as the walls close in, a question gnaws at the edges of my mind. This luxurious sanctuary I’m building, is it just another part of my prison? A luxurious cage from which there is no escape?

As I peer out at the world outside my fortified retreat, I see the chaos brewing. The order I once knew is unravelling, and I’m left wondering, is this the fate I’ve chosen? They say wealth can’t buy happiness, but it can buy an illusion of safety. An illusion I am more than willing to pay for.

As I sit here, in the heart of my luxurious fortress, I ponder. Am I a visionary or a fool? Only time will tell. This is Harold, signing off.

[End of transcript]

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