Construction Memo 002

Transcript of voice memo, dated 2nd September 2023:

As our project forges ahead, the grandeur of this creation begins to take shape. Every passing day, the vision of my fortress gets clearer. I’m standing at the heart of my dream, observing the work of the best luxury home contractors in the business. Their craftsmanship brings life to my refuge. Oh, how it thrills me! This isn’t merely a house; it’s a monument of survival. It’s a testament to mankind’s ingenuity and will to endure.

Today, I walked around the site. It’s breathtaking, truly. The structure merges seamlessly with the surroundings, appearing as a natural extension of the Peninsula’s beauty. Panoramic windows capture the rolling waves, the sky’s vast expanse. Yet, beyond the magnificence lies practicality. The house boasts state-of-the-art security systems, an advanced power grid, and sustainability features like rainwater harvesting and solar power generation.

I see the puzzled looks on the faces of the workers. They notice my fascination with the self-sufficiency systems, the reinforced walls, the airtight doors. They chuckle, dismissing my concerns as eccentricity, the paranoid indulgence of a rich man. Little do they understand the gravity of the situation. Little do they know what awaits us.

Today, one of the workers, a seasoned builder, asked me a question. “Why go through all this, sir?” I looked at him, smiled, and said, “Son, it’s better to be years early than a minute too late.” He didn’t understand, of course. Few do.

Luxury home builders based in the Mornington Peninsula area have constructed countless homes, but this… this is unique. A luxurious home that is a sanctuary in disguise. The builders see it as a home, but for me, it’s the ark. It’s survival. It’s continuity.

Time is running out. The clock ticks closer to the midnight hour. The world is blissfully unaware, but not for long. This is Harold, signing off for today. Stay prepared, stay vigilant.

[End of transcript]

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