Ghostly Gale Fabrication

Dear Diary,

Our adventure through the treacherous Phantom Shoals tested the SS Lionel’s resilience. Narrow escapes and phantom predators marked our path, but we emerged victorious, the second piece of the Quadforce gleaming in our possession. However, a new challenge was fast approaching: the dreaded Ghostly Gale.

As we ventured into the tempest, the phantom winds lashed at us, pulling and twisting at every inch of the SS Lionel. It wasn’t long before Lint’s reckless navigation led to a broken snapper rack and a torn targa top. I looked on with grim determination, acknowledging the severity of the damage, but my faith in our resilience never wavered.

Seeing our state, Beetle’s floating shop emerged from the swirling winds, like a beacon of hope amidst the chaos. His competent hands and the promise of the best work offered by marine fabrication experts in the Melbourne area brought a sense of relief. Beetle got straight to work, fixing the snapper rack and mending the torn targa top with precision and efficiency.

As a precaution against the gale’s violent onslaught, we decided on the installation of a stone guard. We couldn’t risk further damage to the SS Lionel. Furthermore, recognising the need for improved navigation in these stormy waters, we also opted for a bow sprit installation, and I couldn’t help myself but get some custom fishing rod holders.

Beetle’s skilful hands made quick work of the tasks. The stone guard was securely fixed, promising additional protection. The sleek bowsprit, mounted at the front of our ship, was ready to lead our way through the storm.

All this damage to my mighty ship may have caused me a great deal of anxiety, if not for Beetle’s uncanny ability to show up whenever we needed repairs. And with Lint footing the bill, I really don’t have a thing to worry about.

As we left Beetle’s floating shop, the SS Lionel stood stronger than ever before, ready to brave the remainder of the Ghostly Gale. The third piece of the Quadforce lay somewhere within this storm, and with the ship’s new fortifications, we felt ready to face whatever challenges lay ahead.

Till then,

Captain Lionel

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