Table Tennis Debate

Hello, folks. It’s Bob again. The last time I filled you in on my journey, I told you about my latest foray into fitness and the ever-so-enjoyable experience of assembling home fitness equipment. This time around, I’ve got another story for you – one that involves a little more family drama and a lot less assembly (thank goodness).

You all know L, my better half and the queen of Bayside Burgers. L has this way of coming up with ideas that seem logical at first but quickly turn into disastrous moments. Well, one sunny afternoon, L decided that our family needed a fun exercise option, something that wasn’t just about lifting weights or running in place. And of course, being the competitive spirit she is, she set her sights on a table tennis table for sale in Australia.

A table tennis table. For our apartment. The apartment that’s about the same size as one of my burger patties. Okay, I might be exaggerating, but you get the picture. We live in a tiny place, and L wants to squeeze in a full-size table tennis table along with my home fitness equipment!

My initial reaction? Well, I won’t repeat what I said verbatim, but it was along the lines of ‘Honey, are you sure?’ followed by a few choice words. But L was determined, and we soon found ourselves engaged in a full-scale debate about where we could possibly fit this behemoth of a table.

Some of her suggestions included suspending it from the ceiling (because that’s safe, right?), using it as a dinner table (nothing says ‘family meal’ like a serve-and-volley over the mashed potatoes), or even replacing our bed with it (I wish I were kidding).

Let me tell you, folks, the sheer creativity that comes out of a table tennis debate is something to behold. I mean, who knew you could think of so many ways to squeeze a sports table into a tiny apartment? But that’s a story for another day. Until next time, stay fit and keep those burgers flippin’.

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