Engine Echoes

As the Falcon Wagon approached the outskirts of Melbourne, Lucky could feel the vibrations of the engines in sync with his heartbeat. They headed to Leah Gearside’s workshop in Frankston, where they believed they could find more information and shelter.

But as they reached the area, the sight that met their eyes was one of utter devastation. The workshop was in ruins, smouldering and broken. They hurried out of the Falcon Wagon and began to search through the debris.

Amongst the wreckage, Ben found a datapad with a scrambled transmission from Leah. Through the static, they could hear her say, “The Dark Vehicle Inspector has a super weapon in Adelaide… Help us, you’re our only hope!”

Lucky’s heart sank. “We have to get to Adelaide,” he said.

Ben agreed, “We must gather the forces of the Rebel Mechanics and put a stop to this tyranny!”

As they prepared to leave, Han got a call from a fellow driver. “I have contacts who can provide shelter and resources,” he said. “We can regroup at a local car mechanic close to Frankston.”

At the mechanic’s garage, the team found several other mechanics and drivers who had been affected by the Dark Vehicle Inspector’s wrath. As Lucky shared his story, there was a sense of determination and unity in the air.

One of the mechanics at the garage, Liza Turbofix, was eager to help. “If we are heading to Adelaide, we’ll need our vehicles in top shape. I can offer a quick car suspension service,” she said, rolling up her sleeves.

With the Falcon Wagon reinforced and a convoy of vehicles ready, the newly-formed Rebel Mechanics set off towards Adelaide.

As they drove through the night, the stars twinkling above seemed to reflect the sparks of hope that were rekindling in their hearts.

They didn’t know what awaited them in Adelaide or if they would be able to rescue Leah and defeat the Dark Vehicle Inspector. But for the first time in what seemed like an eternity, Lucky, Ben, Han, and their new allies had something they hadn’t felt in a while: hope.

The echoes of their engines roared through the night, a testament to the indomitable spirit of those who wouldn’t let their world be crushed under the wheels of oppression.

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