Bathroom Makeovers

Previously on The Blockhead, we saw our contestants present innovative ideas to our panel of professional kitchen designers. Today, we were wrapping up the kitchen saga and moving on to a new territory – the bathroom, the home of every renovator’s biggest dreams and worst nightmares.

As I strolled into the set, the air was thick with anticipation. The contestants stood in a line, awaiting the results of the kitchen challenge. I opened the envelope and announced, “The winners of the kitchen challenge are… Mildred and Millie!” The librarian duo broke into joyful applause while the others congratulated them.

It was then time to introduce the next challenge. “We’re done with kitchens, folks. Now it’s time to dive into bathroom design. And to assist you, we have invited a reputable bathroom renovations business based near Melbourne, so they know a thing or two about good bathroom design.”

The contestants looked relieved. They’d be getting help from professionals this time. The team from the bathroom renovation business took to the stage, carrying an array of material samples, fixture catalogues, and mood boards. They talked about modern bathroom design trends, emphasising functionality and minimalism.

Bozo and Fumbles immediately started brainstorming ideas for a funhouse-style bathroom, complete with water-squirting fixtures and colourful tiles. Mildred and Millie were seen discussing the possibility of a ‘library bathroom’, where one could enjoy a good book while relaxing in the tub, and what measures they’d have to take to prevent books from getting wet or mouldy. Rock and Hulk, meanwhile, were contemplating a ‘gym bathroom’ with weights and resistance bands built into the bathroom fixtures, although they recognised the challenge ahead when it came to safety.

As the day ended, I could tell the contestants were already fired up for the new challenge. What sort of modern bathroom design would each team come up with? The competition was heating up, and I, for one, couldn’t wait to see what they’d do next. But for now, we had to wait until the next episode of The Blockhead.

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