World Saving Driver

When that weird green alien showed up on Earth and challenged our world’s mightiest drivers to kart racing, I really didn’t expect to be selected as Australia’s representative. Sure, I’ve been in a few professional races over the last few years, but I’ve lost every single one of them. I don’t have super high hopes that I’m going to be the one to save humanity and stop our planet from being turned into an intergalactic parking lot.

Anyway, I’m completing an application for my personal racetrack, which will be one of the sixteen tracks used throughout the series to decide our fate. I decided that it would be a street circuit in Ipswich, to the southwest of Brisbane. There are a few reasons I chose it, but the main one is that the track can be named after Raceview, one of Ipswich’s suburbs, where the track will mostly take place. I mean, come on, isn’t Raceview just the perfect name for a track to be used in the most important racing series of all time? Secondly, the track being based there means that I can take my vehicle to my favourite mechanic, based in Raceview, before the race. Being able to access a car service that can help me get the best results is going to be essential.

I expect that after a good diesel service for my car, I should be ready for a strong race on the Raceview track. If I want a chance at winning even one of these races, I need to make the most out of the track I personally selected for the series. Provided my application is accepted, I should have a good chance. Now, I need to start investigating the competition – especially this supposed evil genius, Dr Frontal Cortex. There are no restrictions on how we modify our karts, so he’s probably going to show up with something truly devious. I need to be ready for anything, which means I’ll need to get some vehicle upgrades myself. Thankfully, I know just the guy.

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