Window Tinting Two

After enduring nearly an hour of anticipation outside the window tinting store, our instructor finally arrived. He possessed an unremarkable appearance, blending seamlessly into the crowd with his average stature, face, and attire. In the world of espionage, being average is a necessity, ensuring inconspicuousness among people. Standing out is a liability that could lead to exposure and capture. Immediately, our instructor singled out two students on the periphery of our group, gesturing toward the van and curtly instructing them to leave. Their conspicuous behaviour, diverting attention from the task at hand—the examination of removable frosted window tinting—resulted in their elimination from the program. Silently, I expressed gratitude for my own patience, which had evidently spared me a similar fate.


Finally, our instructor positioned himself within our midst. Today, assuming the role of a university professor, he sported a friendlier demeanour, punctuating his speech with smiles. He expounded on the significance of privacy in the life of a spy, skillfully tying his discourse to the concept of tinted windows. He explained how such windows not only obstructed prying eyes but also shielded against harmful UV rays and provided a cooler environment. This knowledge was crucial for our work as spies, enabling us to operate more comfortably without sweltering heat. Leading by example, our instructor beckoned us to follow him through the office entrance of the tinting company.


According to our instructor, there were several office tinting companies Melbourne had. However, as students of the world’s finest spy academy, we deserved nothing less than the best for our field trips. After all, as he playfully remarked, we were paying a considerable price for this privilege. Unlike most of my fellow students, I bore no financial burden for my education. Gifted with exceptional spy talents since childhood, I had been awarded a scholarship to attend this prestigious academy.


As we embarked on this field trip, curiosity mingled with a sense of duty. Each step taken within the office held the promise of practical knowledge and hands-on experience. With my innate abilities and the guidance of our instructor, I embraced this opportunity to further refine my skills and prove myself in the world of espionage.

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