The Carpenter’s Return

In The Carpenter’s Return, the epic conclusion to the Lord of the Timber trilogy, the realms of hardware stores are in the midst of a decisive battle against Dark Lord Sawron’s forces at Fort Plankheart.

The film opens with Tomlin Oakenshield and Barkley navigating through the dark lands of Sawron, avoiding obstacles and defeating Sawron’s wooden minions. They are determined to reach the Lair of Dark Carpentry and break the ring made from the Sacred Cheltenham Timber.

Meanwhile, at Fort Plankheart, the united front faces Sawron’s overwhelming army. Ganderf takes charge, displaying incredible craftsmanship and inspiring the troops. The Knights of the Tape Measure, Fixing-Fairies, and Wood Guardians fight valiantly. As the battle seems to tilt in Sawron’s favour, Sir Measurin retrieves an ancient manual for constructing a defensive barricade from a nearby hardware store. Bayside businesses rally, and the barricade, fortified by exceptional timber, proves to be pivotal.

In the Lair of Dark Carpentry, Tomlin and Barkley face off against Sawron. During the clash, the Lair’s structure reveals inscriptions that, when deciphered, unveil that the Carpenter’s soul is trapped within Sawron, and freeing it will be the key to defeating the Dark Lord.

Tomlin, wielding the ring and the knowledge acquired through his journey, uses his skills to free the Carpenter’s soul. The Carpenter’s spirit emerges, restoring balance and rendering Sawron powerless. Tomlin breaks the ring using the Saws of Sawron, causing a cascade of golden wood shavings that envelop the land, rejuvenating it.

Back at Fort Plankheart, as the golden wood shavings reach the battlefield, Sawron’s forces recede, and a new era of peace and craftsmanship is ushered in.

The film concludes with a ceremony at Fort Plankheart, where the Carpenter’s spirit thanks Tomlin and the Fellowship for their bravery and sacrifice. The Carpenter blesses the land, promising a boundless supply of timber and resources for craftsmanship.

The final scenes show Tomlin returning to his village as a hero, dedicating his life to teaching the art of carpentry and preserving the values of craftsmanship.

As the credits roll, the screen features a montage of flourishing hardware stores, skilled craftsmen, and the Timberland realms, now prosperous and thriving, under the protective gaze of the Carpenter’s spirit.

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