Family Optometrist Visit

The Johnson family had been planning their trip to the optometrist for weeks. They were all due for a checkup and hoped to find new glasses for the children. But little did they know that their youngest, Tommy, was about to have a tough time. As soon as they arrived, Tommy saw the machines in the room and his heart began to race. He was scared of the unknown and wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen. His mother tried to reassure him that it was just a bulk-billed kids eye test and that the optometrist was there to help him.

Dr. Rodriguez, theeye doctor, was a kind and patient man. He saw that Tommy was scared and quickly tried to ease his fears. He showed him the different machines and explained what they were for. He told him that he would feel no pain and that he was simply there to help him see better. Slowly but surely, Dr. Rodriguez began to gain Tommy’s trust. He talked to him about his favourite toys and cartoons, distracting him from the machines. He even had some toys and stickers to give Tommy, to keep him busy while he waited.

When it was time for the tests, Tommy was still a little scared, but he trusted Dr. Rodriguez. He was the best Bayside eye doctor, after all. With gentle hands and a soothing voice, Dr. Rodriguez performed the tests. He made sure that Tommy was comfortable at all times, and even let him hold his hand during some of the more difficult tests. By the time the tests were finished, Tommy had completely forgotten about his fears. He had enjoyed his visit to the optometrist and had even made a new friend in Dr. Rodriguez. And when it came time to pick out his new glasses, he couldn’t wait to show them off to his friends. The Johnson family left the optometrist’s office with smiles on their faces. They were grateful for the kind and patient service they had received, especially from Dr. Rodriguez. They knew that they would be back again, and they knew that they would always be in good hands.

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