Children’s Optometry Two

Last week marked my son’s inaugural tennis practice, and to say it didn’t go smoothly would be an understatement. Initially, it appeared to be a promising and enjoyable endeavour. He sported his adorable exercise attire, equipped with an oversized water bottle and a collection of vibrant yellow tennis balls. Little did I anticipate the challenge that awaited us when his coach commenced hitting the balls. Instead of skillfully manoeuvring around the projectiles and returning them with his racket, my son seemed to gravitate toward their path. Not once, not twice, but on numerous occasions, his body made inadvertent contact with the balls, surpassing the rate at which his racket did.


It became abundantly clear that a visit to the finest optometrist clinic Cheltenham had was imperative. His vision required assessment, and I wondered how I had not noticed his struggles before. Reflecting on past instances, I could only recall a few occasions where I had observed his visual challenges. Did this make me a neglectful parent? Perhaps. Admittedly, my powers of observation have always been lacking, making it unsurprising that such a subtle concern escaped my attention.

With the eye test for children on the horizon, we would soon ascertain the severity of his vision issues. I hoped for a straightforward solution, such as an affordable pair of glasses with mild prescription lenses. However, considering his performance on the court, I couldn’t help but wonder if the situation might be more complex. His expression of terror and bewilderment dampened any inclination to find amusement in the situation. As the appointment with the optometrist approached, I took gradual steps to acclimate my son to the idea, understanding his aversion to unfamiliar faces. I had the opportunity to speak with the optometrist over the phone, and her friendly and professional demeanour put me at ease. Moreover, her specialisation in paediatric optometry assured me that she possessed the expertise to handle children who may prefer to be anywhere but a clinic.

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