Breakfast and Lunch (available all day)

Duo of Eggs  $13

Poached, fried or scrambled on sourdough.

Extras: bacon $4,  smoky bacon relish $4, cherry tomatoes $4, egg $3, herby hollandaise $3, Bulgarian fetta $3, kale $3, avocado $4, gluten free bread $2

Vanilla bean yoghurt panna cotta $16

with house roasted honey oats, freeze-dried mandarin and blueberry compote. (GF)

Bags of bacon $17

Scrambled eggs, fried onion, streaky bacon and smoky bacon relish. (GF)

Breakfast congee $17

with avocado, cherry tomatoes, fried egg and shredded parmesan served with lime. (GF/V)

Lamb benedict $18

with shredded roast lamb, poached eggs, herby hollandaise and fried shallots. (GF)

Smashed peas $19

with Thick smokey Bacon, Poached eggs, Chilli, Vietnamese mint, Halloumi on Sourdough. (GF)

Coconut & black rice pudding $15

with peanuts, lychee, orange segments and raspberry jelly. (GF/V)

Soft-shell taco $19

with soy/ginger lacquered snapper with miso caramel mayonnaise, pickled red cabbage, chilli and black bean salad. (GF)

Supercharged grain salad $23

with, kale, quinoa, snow peas, avocado, goji berries, chia seeds, roast sunflower seeds, bulgarian fetta with charcoal hommus. (GF/V)

Coke braised beef short ribs $26

with fried shallots, vietnamese mint, chilli, coriander and asian spiced chats. (G)

Masterstock Pork $18

with egg noodles, hoisin, coriander, roast peanut, fried egg and fried shallots.



Sautéed greens $10

with sticky soy, ginger, sesame seeds and peanuts. (V)

Smashed potato  $9

with zesty lime, chilli and paprika salt served with miso caramel mayonnaise. (GF)


Share Dishes

Pork congee $16

black bean, szechuan pepper, micro lemon balm and pickled red onion (GF)
Pair with People Madly Stomping Chardonnay

Soy milk braised lamb belly $20

with jeruselum artichoke, lemon balm and pine nuts (GF)
Pair with Aramis Black Label Cabernet Sauvignon

Masterstock duck croquette $18

with coriander and cashew pesto
Pair with Long Board Pinot Noir

Roast zucchini $22

colours of tomatoes, Olive, kale chip, potato, lime and coriander (GF/V)
Pair with Lethbridge Pinot Gris

Garlic roasted brussels sprouts $22

smoked salty almonds, mustard emulsion, honeyed figs, grapefruit and watercress salad (GF/V)
Pair with The Victorian Shiraz

Slowly caramelised chicken thigh $29

chicken skin crackle, tarragon pickled beetroot, corn puree and jus gras (GF)
Pair with Stumpy Gully Sauvignon Blanc

Pressed beef shoulder $29

strawberry and lemongrass sauce, sambal paste, vietnamese mint, mandarin dust (GF)
Pair with Stumpy Gully Merlot

Pan roasted snapper $34

with orange & sweet potato, coriander, chilli, soaked currants, peanuts and nuoc cham (GF)
Pair with Chockstone Riesling


Snakebeans  $12

with eggplant, ginger, sesame, peanuts and soy lacquer (GF)

Fried chat potatoes  $9

with miso caramel mayonnaise (GF)


Spiced red wine apple $14

parsnip custard, freeze dried apple and dosa (GF)

Banana and vanilla bean custard $14

brown butter crumb, sour apple syrup and roasted coffee (V)

Pandan icecream $15

puffed black rice, sesame caramel and peanut cake


Please do not make alterations to this menu as it has been made with love by our chefs.


15% surcharge on public holidays

GF - can be made gluten free upon request

V - can be made vegetarian upon request