CHILDREN'S MENU (age 12 and under)

Battered fish fillet w/ chips $15

Cheese burger w/ chips $15
Beef pattie, Cheese, tomato sauce in a bun

Bowl of chips $10

Kids waffle maple and ice cream $12

Ham/Cheese Toastie $8

Cheese Toastie $5



Apple or Orange Juice $4

Kids Milkshake $4
(Chocolate, strawberry, lime, nutella, blue heaven caramel, vanilla)

Hot Chocolate $4.20
(kids warmth)

Bubba $1
(frothy milk, choc dust & marshmallow)

Ice cream & topping $5
(Chocolate, strawberry or banana)

Cupcakes or Muffins $5
(See display fridge for daily treats)