LARGE PLATES 5:30pm late

Pea and Mint Risotto, Goats cheese, Spinach Cream GF $24

Coconut Caramel Seafood Linguine, Tomato, Red Onion, White Wine, Chilli, Lemon, Pecorino, Flat Leaf Parsley $28

Twice Cooked Sticky Chilli Caramel Beef Ribs, Coconut rice, Pickled Salad GF DF $32

Vegan Platter, Broccoli and Cauliflower Rice, Fried Ginger, Chilli, Roasted Peanuts, Curry Leaves, Soy, Tofu, Roasted Coconut Relish, Asian Herbs V GF DF $28

Scotch Fillet, Squashed Chats, Greens, Peppercorn and Whisky Sauce GF $36

Catch of the Day Market Price


Pear, Roquette, Red Onion, Parmesan Salad GV $12

Seasonal Greens, Toasted Almonds, Sesame GV V DF $12

Beer Battered Chips, Aioli $12

Smashed Chats, Cajun Salt, Harrisa Mayo GF $12

SMALL PLATES 5:30pm - late

Saganaki, Kalamata Olives, Sourdough, Lemon GFO $18

Wood Oven Roasted Salt & Pepper Calamari, Smoked Paprika, Chorizo, Roasted Peppers, Rocket, Radish, Toasted Macadamias GF DF $18

Fish San Choy Bau, Cos Lettuce, Wombok, Carrot, Vietnamese Mint, Cilantro, Asian Dressing GF DF $18

Duck Pancakes, Sweet Soy, Cucumber, Spring Onions, Mixed Herbs GF $18

Grilled Scallops, Lemon Garlic Butter, Chorizo, Mango Puree, Coriander Salsa GF $18

Roasted Parsnip Hummus, Warm Spiced Chick Peas, beetroot, Fried Kale, Sprouts, Dukka, Sourdough GFO DF V $20

KIDS 5.30pm - late

Pasta, Napoli, Parmesan $12

Pizza, Napoli, Ham off the Bone, Mozzarella $12

Meat Pattie, Tasty Cheese, Toasted Burger Bun, Chips $12

Battered Flathead Tails, Chips $12

Chicken Nuggets, Chips $12