Beer - Barwon Orange | Torquay Orange


Coopers Light $5.5

Carlton Draught $6.5

Peroni, Corona, Asahi $8

Little Creatures Pale Ale $8

Furphy Refreshing Ale $7

Beers of the month

Monteith's crushed apple cider (4.5%) $8
A crisp refreshing cider made only from apple juice and not from syrup concentrate.

Monteith's crushed pear cider (4.5%) $8
A crisp refreshing cider made only from pear juice and not from syrup concentrate.

Forrest Brewing Company, Pale Ale (4.8%) (500ml) $12
The Cascade hops lend a lasting touch of bitterness gently balancing the malts.

Forrest Brewing Company, Silvertop (4.1%)(500mL) $12
A light bodied beer with bright straw yellow hue. Subtle malt flavours that hint at vanilla and apricot are balanced by a gentle bitterness and aromatic hoppy nose.

Salt, Pale Lager (4.5%) $8
An authentic Pale Lager, free from preservatives and additives. Clean, smooth and crisp. Best enjoyed in thongs.

Bells Beach Brewing, Southside Saison (5.2%) $8
Brewed with a mixture of wheat and barley malts to provide a good balance to the fruity flavours from the Belgian yeast and the New Zealand Rakau hops which also help to give a crisp, clean finish.

Blackman's Brewery, Reginald IPA (6.2%) $8
In your face, fruity yet surprisingly smooth, Reginald is an American west coast style IPA with prominent citrus and pine aromas that jump out of your glass and up your nose with every sip.

Blackman's Brewery, Ernie Golden (5%) $8
Ernie is the life of the party & a golden all-rounder, starring a blend of Australian hops & malt. Ernie has a floral aroma and a bitter kick to finish.

Blackman's Brewery, Mervin Pale Ale (4.6%) $8
Mervyn is a juicy pale ale made for celebrating. Tropical flavours and aromas, with a dry finish.